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The Story

During my early nursing career, I observed that patients occasionally overlooked ordering their medical equipment in a timely manner. We began brainstorming for a clever solution to eliminate stress-causing issues like not having the necessary diapers, care products, or other medical products.I began solving this problem at that moment, and with the help of my technology-gifted friends, we were able to create a home system that calculates your personal inventory at home.

This process has led to what has been called Automated Clients Stock Inventory (ACSI) AXI.

How does it work

Its a verry complicated tech process but we made it plain simple for our customers.

  • When a product you use daily is about to run low, the system will let us know. 
  • Our calculation for following up on your personal inventory at home after 6 months is nearly perfect.
  • Your products will be sent to you after we get in touch with you.

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